The Ingredients

Our raw materials include exceptionally high quality unrefined butters, cold-pressed vegetable and carrier oils, organic herbal extracts, and ethically wild-harvested essential oils. We never use artificial or synthetic ingredients and formulate with certified organic botanicals as much as possible. Knowing that what goes on the skin goes into the body, we seek to use ingredients that promote well-being for body, spirit, and earth. 


The Process

Each of our small-batch goods is thoughtfully formulated and carefully crafted by hand. Working in small batches allows for more control over the quality of a finished product. It’s more time consuming but much more rewarding to stir, melt, blend, and pour the old fashioned way! Using beautiful reusable, recyclable packaging, we keep a very modest inventory to ensure freshness and vitality in every bottle, tin, vial, and jar. 

The Maker

Caitlin founded Austin Street Apothecary to provide personal care products for her family with exquisite, 100% natural ingredients. Her husband, Clint, designed the packaging and logo, making this little business a true family affair. After the births of our children, our commitment to quality has only grown. Our hope is that our goods would spark a sense of personal wellness that would infuse every aspect of your life!

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