Pricing & Minimums
Minimum opening order is $250. Minimum reorder is $150. Exceptions regarding lower minimums for smaller or specialty shops will be made at our discretion. Accounts that have not made a purchase within the last twelve months are subject to a minimum reorder of $250. An order of $500 or more includes complimentary testers. An order of $1,000 or more includes complimentary testers and free shipping. 

Payment is due when the order is placed. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Payment will be debited and cleared from your account before your goods are shipped.

We are happy to hand deliver first-time local orders within 30 miles free of charge! All orders are shipped via USPS or UPS from Denton, TX. We offer a flat shipping fee of $25 per order. Please note that some of our products (balms and butters in particular) are heat sensitive and may require special shipping during warmer months to ensure safe delivery. From May 1st to September 31st cold packs are available by request. Additional handling charges will apply. If you are experiencing hot weather outside of the dates mentioned above it is your responsibility to inform Austin Street Apothecary.

Lead Time
We handcraft each and every item in our inventory and need a bit of time to complete your order with attention and care. Orders are usually shipped within ten business days from payment date depending on order size and content. We do not keep a large inventory to ensure maximum freshness and shelf life of our goods. Please be aware that during the holiday season lead time may increase due to the volume of orders received. 

Returns & Exchanges
Due to the nature of our goods, we are unable to accept returns. All sales are final. However, we do offer replacements for damaged or defective merchandise. Please contact us within three business days if your order is damaged or incorrect upon arrival. There may be slight variations in color, shape, and finish from batch to batch due to seasonal differences in raw materials, but the quality of your purchase will not be affected.

Product Care
Under proper storage and usage conditions, our products will remain at maximum freshness for periods ranging between six months (oil-based goods) and over one year (balms and butters). Our goods do not require refrigeration but should be kept in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures should be avoided. Care should be taken not to introduce contaminants into the testers by leaving them open or dipping fingers into jars. Please encourage customers to use sample sticks provided. 

Samples & Testers
Samples are available to retailers who wish to try our products before opening a wholesale account. After providing your Tax ID number, business name, address, and phone number, the buyer may purchase one sample of each product at half-off wholesale price for a one-time order. Customer testers are free by request for first-time orders. On future orders, testers may be purchased at half-off wholesale price as needed. Disposable sample sticks are included in order. Testers are not for resale or any other use other than display/tester purposes.

Account Termination
We reserve the right to terminate any wholesale account at any time at our discretion. 

By placing an order, I declare that I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions as specified by Austin Street Apothecary. I also declare that I am authorized to place orders and take full responsibility for acceptance and payment of all future orders placed under our account.

Caitlin Crawford, Proprietor
(940) 441-2236